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Occult Practice Renunciation Prayer

Occult Practice Renuncation Prayer to Close Demonic Doors:  Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Free: Two Half-Day Spiritual Warfare Dallas/Fort Worth Deliverance Ministry Conference!

Prayer against curses

Father God, forgive me and my generations for the participation with Yoga, Kundalini, Reiki, false meditations connecting with demonis through psychic visions called channeling, and I ask you to forgive me.

Forgive me for my participation with Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Laughing Yoga, Raj or RAja Yoga, Tantra, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Integral Yoga, Patanjali Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Shiva Yoga and Kundalini Yoga and any other form of yoga, witchcraft, divination, etc.

Father God, we repent for allowing ouselves for being deceived by kundalini (serpent) – the fire serpent of hell.

Father God, I renounce in my generations and repent and renounce the seven zodiacs and seven planets I worshipped in Kundalini, Kaballa, etc. knowingly or unknowingly.

Father God, dry up the river of hellfire flowing through me and my bloodline, the Egyptian river Nile will not flow through my body.


Father God, I repent and renounce for my involvement with the occult, witchcraft, divination, new age movement and my generations before me.  I also repent and renounce my involvement with Yoga, wrong meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Reiki, which opened me up to receive False Holy Spirit, False Powers, False Gifts (clairvoyance, psychic abilities, seeing demonic spirits), serpent magic signs and wonders of psychic power, False Healings, False Baptism, False Fire, false light, False enlightenment, false visions and images, soul light, false prophecy, false Jesus through altered state of consciousness opening false vibrations, and all levels of vibration that takes place during Kundalini vibration awakening  to the serpent goddess, Hindu gods.

I cut the psychic energy of the pyramid off my entire body and the vibrations of pain through psychic power.

I repent and renounce for my generations before me coming to come as familiar spirits and also my involvement that opened up my body, soul and spirit to six energy channels, portals, doors, windows, gates, star-gate, vortex, cosmic gates, demonic gatekeepers, chakras, communication lines, wires, cords, leylines, occult mind control programming to the second heaven for the demonic spirits, spirit guides, legions, fabricated and vacant spirits, dissociative spirits to possess my body.

I repent and renounce through these practices it attached me to the earthly plane of earth, wind and fire, water, and all other elements of power base connected to spiritual internal antanas, mind control programming, connecting me to demonic technology, harp, electrical currents, demonic soul ties attached to the central nervous system, limbic system, as cords, ley lines, wires, transmissions and broadcasts attached to the new world order, antichrist, to be broken, disband, dismantled in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I take the sword of the spirit and break all demonic soul ties attached to me.

I renounce and break the electro-magnetic charges into my body by the strongman of death and hell, Apollyon, king over the bottomless pit.  I renounce the lordship of Satan off my electrical systems and break the demonic charging electrical currents through my body.

Father God, cleanse my spinal structures under the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Father God, I ask you to remove all defilement from me and break the shock that I suffered which put me into bondage to the evil one.  I declare that the fire of Jesus will swallow up the fire of kundalini and bruise his head.  My spine will not be a royal highway to the throne of Lucifer.  Father God, I submit my every system in my body to the total Lordship of Jesus Christ of nazareth and break every seal of kundalini.

Father God, I renounce in my generations and for myself for the worship of the Hindu sun god and fire god in my body, and I cut the cord of magic power.  I close all doors in repentance in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father God, I renounce in my genrations and my partcipation with the worship of the false trinity, I repent of igniting the fire in the triangle.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command that the Kundalini cold fire in the centre of the triangle will be extinguished and removed from my body, soul and spirit.

Father God I renounce in my generations and repent for all clairvoyant magic powers, occultic visions, and the practice of all false prophecies.

Father God, I repent and renounce and command these spirits such as demonic gatekeeprs, divination, witchcraft, to leave me now and come out of the channels, portals, gates, chakras, doors, demonic gatekeepers, star-gate, vortex, cosmic gates windows of the soul:

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command Energy Demons to leave me now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I repent where the serpent has opened my false prophetic eyes, sensitized my nervous system and even brought loss of vision to my natural eyes and paralysis to my physical body.  I bind, break and close the carnal sense knowledge, the shutting down of all serpent senses.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by your blood that was shed 2000 years ago, I command Husband Spirits or Wife Spirits, false bride, demonic dieties, false gods, mother earth, satan’s agents, demonic deposits, traces, demonic bark, growths, parasitic plants, demonic bugs and viruses attached to mind control programming, soul power, spirit guides, legions, fabricated spirits, vacant spirits, demonic gatekeepers, marine spirits, attached as communication lines, wires, cords, ley lines as soul ties to be broken.  I take the sword of the spirit and cut its power base and command these personality spirits, false gifts, to leave through these portals, gates, chakras, doors, star-gate, vortex, cosmic gates, demonic gatekeepers, windows, channels of the soul.  Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I break, disband, dismantle call null and void all curses associated with the occult and new age practices in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I close the door in through repentance to the psychic realm and the door of satan’s throne room.

We bring all Theta, Beta and Alpha wave consciousness, and all their gates under the blood of Jesus, and we ask You father to neutralize all forms of mind control using them by the power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command Kundalini serpent goddess spirits to unwind off the spine and leave and we petition against all control over this chakra and our third eye by the goddess Hakini Shakti and all her many heads of the serpent to be crushed to death now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth without pain but leave peacefully in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by the blood of the lamb.  I break all curses and all body parts affected in any way to return to normal in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazarth.  Also, Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, for all chemical imbalance to return normal by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

I command all occult spirits, divination spirits, witchcraft spirits to come out of me now through the portals, channels, doors, windows, gates, star-gate, vortex, cosmic gates, chakras in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I command and petition against all two-way communications that would control through these gates.  We petition and break all mind control programming from the sun, moon and stars through these ways of communications listed above and all occult control over the Cerebellum and Pineal glands to cease and be null and void.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazaseth, by your blood shed 2000 years ago to cleanse me from any lingering spirits, close the gates, portals, channels, star-gate, vortex, cosmic gate, windows, doors of the body, soul and spirit through the mouth, ears, eyes, navel, solar plexes,  and any other opening with your blood and allow your blood to cleanse and seal to me and close off the third eye in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we place this third eye of our inner vision under the blood of Jesus and we ask You Father to take control of its sight by the power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth through the true Holy Spirit of God.

Father god we bind, break and cast out the release from all triggers and subliminal responses from the sound elements of all mantras using them as occultic sound portals.  By the blood of the lamb of Jesus Christ we break the power of sound activation of the chakras and kundalini under the Blood of the Lamb of Jesus Christ and declare the airwaves belong to the Lord.  I delcaire victory over my behavior, responses, memory – conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind and bring it under the legal right of Jesus Christ.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I bind and cast out the spirits of Isis, Semiramis, Kali, black madonna, black Venus, fire witch, great mother, mother nature, grandmother-Beba yaga, Queen of heaven, Virgin Mary, Lucifer, the serpent, myriad more, spirits of Lilith.

I declare Kundalini power will shrivel up and die!  It is crushed and totally destroyed in Jesus Name.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we specifically petition that the spirits cannot pull us into the tunnel to the dark side that lies in the netherworld through tortured emotions and we ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to heal all emotions of double minded or unpredictable of anger and rae be under control in my emotions and close and seal the tunnel to the dark side of the netherworld forever.  I also declare that my body is a vessel of honor to the Lord and that my body cannot be used as a vehicle for the destroyer or to mother earth, to the new world order, to world systems, to media and arts of satan, antichrist, all occult connections be nullifield.  Amen

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to wash over and cleanse the following:

  • all organs affected
  • the limbic system
  • every receptor in the body
  • brain stems
  • sacral plexus
  • nerve center, and system
  • parasympathetic nervous system
  • navel cords
  • the mammalian portion of the brain
  • memory banks short and long-term
  • cortex
  • kidneys, lungs, hearts, optic thalami
  • eye of the soul and the pineal gland and master gland
  • every cell
  • brain cells and brain
  • bones and marrow of the body washed clean with the precious blood of the lamb of Jesus Christ of Nazareth


Father God, I call forth the true Holy Spirit to baptize me now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Heavenly Father, I want to experience all that You have in store for me in Christ Jesus. I am sorry for my pride that may have kept me from experiencing any part of the life in the Spirit. I do repent of this pride and I ask You to reveal Your life and love to me. I want You to take over my guidance and be my Master. I don’t know all that this means now, but I trust You to teach me. Father, I ask You to baptize me in Your Holy Spirit. I want all You have suffered to give me. O, Lord Jesus, I empty myself of all that I thought I knew if it stands in Your way of baptizing me in your Spirit. Pour out your power upon me so that I might live a life worthy of Your name. I thank You Father; I do now receive all of Jesus; I thank You Jesus, I do now receive all of Your Holy Spirit; I thank you Holy Spirit that You have made all this possible by Your faithful love. I thankfully pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Father God, allow the true baptism of the Holy Spirit be my seal around me to protect me from all demonic powers, assignments, deaths to be broken.

by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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Kundalini Awakening Renunciation Prayer – P3

Kundalini Renunciation Prayer

Free: Two Half-Day Spiritual Warfare Dallas/Fort Worth Deliverance Ministry Conference!

Kundalini Renunciation Prayer – Say this outloud.  If family members involved in Freemasonry and were higher than level three, then you will need to say this prayer even if you were not involved.

Why!  Witchcraft and Kundalni are many times passed down the woman’s bloodline, as a women are the seed carriers.

The “tree of life” of Freemasonry is wicked. It defiles the precious from the Tree of all fruitfulness. That fruit produces death.  Kundalini

Renunciation Prayers:

I repent and renounce all invoking of the psychic power of any deity in my family line, in ritual and in the foundations of Freemasonry.

I renounce all Masonic alliance with Hinduism, and any other group with kundalini and release the Sword of the Spirit to all alliances and declare total division to the alliance with Freemasonry and kundalini to cripple us.

In the Name of Jesus I:

 break every alliance with magic in the nine parts of my body.

 cut up and divide the idolatry of seven steps and the seven chakras of Freemasonry.  I renounce and repent of taking the seven steps into Freemasonry.

Father, I renounce the seven chakras of Freemasonry in prophetic signs in the body to open every seal of the seven chakras. I repent of the actions of the master mason and I rip up the foundations of kundalini in Freemasonry in my life and ask that You will replace them with the foundations and True healing power of Jesus.

I renounce and break the strong parallel of thirty-three segments of the vertebrae and the thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry as a total takeover of the entire spinal cord to destroy the body through fire.

I renounce and repent of mother earth / nature as the false holy spirit and the blasphemy of freemasonry to make allegiance to a false holy spirit. I repent and renounce the false holy spirit, false anointing and hatred of the True Holy Spirit from the Masonic kundalini spirit.

I declare the fifth Masonic seal be closed to stop the flow of kundalini fire of Master Masons’ occult which is satanic fires of hell and magic burning in my throat to destroy:

 my throat,
 vocal cords,
 neck
 bronchial tubes,
 thyroid glands
 my communication

And releasing the poison of the cobra to my voice to destroy others and the true prophetic calling of God.

In the Name of Jesus, I cut every part of my body loose that is connected to every planet:

 My Pineal gland from Mercury, and the metal MERCURY.
 My Pituitary gland from the Moon, and the metal SILVER.
 My Pharyngeal from Venus, and the metal COPPER.
 My Cardiac Plexus from the Sun, and the metal GOLD.
 My Solar Plexus from Jupiter, and the metal TIN.
 My Prostate / Vaginal area from Mars, and the metal IRON.
 My Sacral Plexus from Saturn, and the metal LEAD.

In Jesus Name, I cut every soul tie with every demonic entity representing themselves as angels: Raphael, Galnel, Ahael, Michael, Tzadkiel, Kamael, Tsspkiel.

I declare their hold on my life is broken!! All deception has been exposed in Jesus Name!

I cut myself loose from the constellations (Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo) with the Sword of the Spirit and I call back any parts of myself that are still stuck on these planets and constellations to be restored to me, in the Name of Jesus.

 I cut my head loose from SCORPIO
 I cut my navel loose from LEO
 I cut my neck loose from TAURUS
 I cut my kidneys, bladder and all water in my body loose from AQUARIUS.

I ask You Father, to restore all that belongs to me – send Your angels to gather up any parts of my spirit that has been scattered through astral travel to these 7 planets and 4 constellations, in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I also cut off the collar and cable tow that comes through demonic curses made by Freemasonry on my bloodline causing me to be a slave of sodomy through the rituals done to me during initiations. Father, I also renounce the whip, the shackles and chains that go with being a slave of prostitution. Destroy these with Your Fire, Father! Father, I bring before You any Masonic temple prostitution on my bloodline; I ask forgiveness for presenting my body as a living sacrifice to demons to be used in this way, in Jesus Name.

I call down the FIRE of God to destroy every satanic altar and idol that is still standing in the spirit and testifying against me, in Jesus Name! Lord, please SILENCE the voices from my past and cut me free from any hooks, chains and pulleys that will try to pull me back into this type of lifestyle!!

We rebuke and bind and loose ourselves from:
· every other spirit that would guide us,
· every spirit guide,
· every fallen angel,
· familiar spirit,
· every dissociated human spirit,
· dead human spirit,
· every witchcraft demon who would attempt to interfere with this prayer and deceive us.

We take authority over them and we ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to bind them and make them deaf, dumb, blind, stripped of all ranking, power, illusions, armour and weaponry according to Your Word in Matt. 16:19.

Father we petition that the Blood of Jesus will seal every element, water, earth, fire, air and ether (the fifth element, the spirit) externally and internally so that they cannot be harnessed by the enemy against us. We petition for a dismantling of every work of darkness being released against us from the North, South, East, West, the N.E, N.W. S.E. and S.W. that You will pull down every witch watchtower monitoring us by day or by night.

We petition that every cardinal point will be covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and that every: access point, exit or entrance, gate,
– door,
– window,
– tube,
– pipe,
– channel,
– portal or
– portron, in the spirit or in the natural will be covered and sealed with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We petition for a restriction order to be released from Your courts in Heaven against every work of darkness being formed against us by Satan and his agents according to Your Word.

We petition Father that You would remove them to neutral places until You deal with them and that every ‘legal right’ that they may claim to remain attached, will be revoked.

We pray Father against all backlash in the spirit or in the natural by Satan and his agents over us, our family or pets, our finances or relationships as a result of this prayer.

We want to repent of every evil way and turn from them so that we, our families, our homes and our land can be healed but most importantly that You will hear our prayers in Heaven.

Father we have strayed so far from Your Truth, we want to go back to the beginning, to repent of where things went wrong, to come in right standing with You and to obey Your Commandments.

We stand in the gap and repent for ourselves and all our ancestors for all rebellion in our family.

We repent for not obeying Your command to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, blessing and calamity (Genesis 2:16-17).

We repent for not discipling/mentoring our family so that our children would bewalk in your ways.

Father, if there is any programming done in the heavenlies, written in the planets, stars and constellations prophesying against me because of the agreements made with Freemasonry by my forefathers; blot it out now with the Blood of the Lamb!!

Prayers against sickness and disease from Kundalini

Father where kundalini awakening, voluntarily and involuntarily, has caused:.

disturbance of the brain psychological disturbances awakening of dormant diseases:  (minister breaks this)

weight loss or gain
food cravings
out of the body experiences
meditation for hours
sitting in a Yoga position
believing that divinity has come to take you home
distortion of time and space
loss of consciousness
emotional disturbance
a sense of chaos descending
fear and anxiety, stress, fear of evil, fear of cult, fear cult family has power over me, OcD, Perfectionism and drivenness out of fear, horror, shock,
anorexia or bulimia
visions or hallucinations
changes in breathing patterns
a sudden shift in values
major impact on relationships
suicidal thoughts
self mutilation
strange sounds coming from inside the body
profound stillness
chronic fatigue
anxiety disorders
obsession, drivenness out of fear, perfectionism out of fear and need for love and acceptance
nerve problems.
Note: (Experts in Kundalini write very clearly about the dangers of wrong activation and awakening of kundalini, that it can cause psychosis and can be mistaken for schizophrenia or psychiatric disorders and even Alzheimer’s disease and senility.</b> Doctors with training and understanding of Kundalini say that without Kundalini awareness diagnosis will come up with:

Chronic fatigue – MS
Anxiety disorders
or nerve problems.)

Father we petition against every assignment and yoke of the four Hindu ages:
· the Krita- yuga,
· Treta-Yuga,
· Dwapara-Yuga,
· the Kali Yuga, of yokes of

– occult Eastern witchcraft and philosophy and
– from the yoke of Kali.
Father, I break the legal rights of the serpent to take the top of the tree, the roots or trunk into bondage and then arrest the whole body in the secret mysteries of witchcraft. I totally break it and Kali’s dominion, rulership and reign. I will have one hundred percent the Mind of Christ!

We repent for believing and coming under all eastern occult philosophies instead of believing the Holy Bible the Word of God.

We ask You to forgive us Father and wash our
· minds,
· images and
· memory banks.

In Jesus Name, I command this spirit that causes paralysis to come out of the five lobes of the brain.

I command the spirit that causes paralysis out of the glands of:
· the mid brain,
· out of the thalamus,
· out of the hippocampus,
· the amygdala and
· out of the pituitary gland.

I command all psychic powers in Jesus Name to come out of the five sections of the mid brain.

I cut away with the Sword of the Spirit the golden triangle that brings paralysis to the brain.

I cleanse all psychic power out of the five lobes and destroy the power of the serpent and iniquity of

· the frontal lobe,
· temporal lobe,
· occipital lobe,
· parietal lobe and
· the cerebellum.

I undo all lines of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth chakras making up the golden triangle and command total eradication and bruising of the head of the serpent.

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazarath, Please cleanse every area with the Blood of Jesus and replace every lie and deception of the serpent with Your Truth.

I claim my inheritance in Christ Jesus that the serpent will be destroyed. The power of the destroyer “kundalini kali” will shrivel up and die forever. The Cross has bruised the head.

I ask You to cleanse them and break every kundalini fire seal that was placed upon us to lock us up, stop us gaining Godly knowledge and power, and to keep us enslaved and ignorant.

I close and seal every kundalini seal with the Blood of Jesus. Kundalini fire, serpent fire, will be extinguished!! I declare the Word of God:

“By His stripes I am healed!” We bring all associated glands under the Blood of Jesus.  Amen


The Fruit of Freemasonry

The serious repercussions of the Knights Templar and this homosexual god will visit the generations with:


1. Over the Body

For example, plagues of death over the uterus and prostrate areas with a curse from the Baphomet phallic god, and the curse of sodomy and bestiality.
Bowel and colon cancer have a strong spiritual tie to sodomy and perverted anal activity is often associated with this filthy Masonic idol and practice.

AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIDS is the plague that follows sodomy. Weakened immune systems bring terrible weakness and exhaustion. In some cases extreme fatigue can be the result if it is linked to sodomy in the family line.

2. Over our Sexuality

The despicable lie of this Baphometgod is an assignment to destroy sexual identity, confuse and twist Godly purity and sexuality.

3. Over our Marriage

First of all it will manifest as seduction, lust and uncleanness, but then a shutdown and a wall of silence in the intimacy of marriage will follow to bring death, destruction and even insanity into the marriage.

Autism and Learning Difficulties

 I renounce and break the curses of autism on my ancestral line and myself due to involvement in Freemasonry.

 I renounce the antichrist brotherhood of Freemasonry and destroy the curse of abandonment it produces in marriage and with children due to the father being at the lodge. I forgive the fathers in my family line for abandoning their wives and family for the lodge, and the resulting insecurity, rejection and rebellion. I loose myself from all curses of insecurity, rejection, rebellion, verbal and emotional abandonment, and all expectation of it.

I shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and hearts of the children the fathers”. (Mal 4:6)  He is our peace who had made both one and broken down the middle wall of partition between us. (Eph 2:14)

 I renounce and break the curse of atheism in the fathers of my ancestral line, resulting in an inability to enter into true intimacy with Father God. I break all curses of hatred and rejection towards the father.

 I renounce and break the curse of the spirit of Antichrist and Jezebel due to the loss of the father, and the resulting autism in all its forms.

 I repent, renounce and break the curse of violence from the mothers in my family line and repent of abuse of children. I break the curse of all words of rejection and judgement spoken over children.

 I break all curses of blows to the head and the resulting brain damage, intellectual retardation, learning and comprehension difficulties, slowness of speech and action, spastic thought patterns, speech patterns and motorco-ordination difficulties.

 I renounce and break the curses of insanity, autism, frustration, anger, selfhatred, violence, self-injury, head banging and all insane behaviors connected to the Freemasonry blood oaths of murder and mutilation.

 I renounce all fear of the occult from the Freemasonry blood oaths.

 I renounce and break the curse of shutting down or off from reality. I break every curse of withdrawal, escapism, fantasy, and denial of pain.

 I renounce all emotional withdrawal and escapism such as staying in bed, sleep, sex, television, computer, job, drugs, and alcohol.

 I renounce and break the curse of the oath “I will withdraw myself from anyone that does not walk after the traditions of Freemasonry”, and I destroy every legal right of withdrawal off my life and my family line. I renounce all rebellion against reality and repent of stubbornness in Jesus Christ’s Name.

 I break all curses affecting my family line relating to their gifting, creativity, learning abilities and anointings. I break all curses of rebellion towards authority, mistrust and rejection of people and resulting obsessions with animals.

 I break all curses of animal behavior, of being treated like an animal and being subjected to physical, verbal or sexual abuse.

 I break the curse of the Freemasonry tools from my family line and myself and the resulting problem with mathematics.

 I loose my family line and myself into God’s original plan and purpose for our lives in the Name of Jesus Christ.


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by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Four Our Battle is Not Flesh and Blood

Kundalini Awakening in Church Symptoms – P2

Kundalini Warning Syndrome:

At the base of New Age is pagan worship of other gods and goddesses (fertility cults) known as mother goddess, Kundalini.

As seen from this article and videos, Kundalini is also known as “power of the mother” because it represents the false holy spirit.

Kundalini acts like mind control because when a person has a Kundalini Awakening, the person, many times looses complete control of their mind and body – like possession.

When a person goes through serious repeated abuse or trauma and dissociates, then the person is programmed with demonic spirits, spirit guides, etc.  Many times a dissociative person hears voices and knows their helper but in fact, it is all demonic portraying as personalities.  Demons lost their bodies and want to possess a body to have peace.  Luke 10:20-26.

To sum it all up, G.S. Arundale tells us that the ver kund means “to burn” and is significant in relation to the fiery aspect of Kundalini.  He goes to say that kunda refers to a whole or a bowl…

“Here we are given an idea of the vessel in which the fire burns.” Kundalni awakening represents a coil, spiral or ring – the inner fire unfolds.

Look around you the environmentalist is trying to protect the earth not for human sake but because it is the new religion and there is a soon new awakening within the occult, new age, cult sectors along with the New World Order, the Antichrist, etc. – higher levels of Freemasonry and other secret societies.

Common kundalini manifestations of the risen Kundalini in occult practices – Kundalini Awakening Warning:

  • Muscle twitches, cramps or spasms.
  • Energy rushes or immense electricity circulating the body
  • Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations
  • Intense heat or cold
  • Involuntary bodily movements, jerking, tremors, shaking; feeling an inner force pushing one into postures or moving one’s body in unusual ways.
  • Alterations in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Episodes of extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue
  • Intensified or diminished sexual desires
  • Headaches, pressures within the skull
  • Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest
  • Digestive system problems
  • Numbness or pain in the limbs (particularly the left foot and leg)
  • Pains and blockages anywhere; often in the back and neck
  • Emotional outbursts; rapid mood shifts; seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief, fear, rage, depression
  • Spontaneous vocalizations (including laughing and weeping)
    — are as unintentional and uncontrollable as
  • Hearing an inner sound or sounds, classically described as a flute, drum, waterfall, birds singing, bees buzzing but which may also sound like roaring, whooshing, or thunderous noises or like ringing in the ears.
  • Mental confusion; difficulty concentrating
  • Altered states of consciousness: heightened awareness; spontaneous trance states; mystical experiences (if the individual’s prior belief system is too threatened by these, they can lead to bouts of psychosis or self-grandiosity)
  • Heat, strange activity, and/or blissful sensations in the head, particularly in the crown area.”These are the effects that I have witnessed on people who have attended this movement and either have had hands laid on them or claim to have been imparted with “the spirit”:
  • They come back with this kind of childlike drunken stupor.
  • Descriptions of a burning sensation either in their veins, heads or stomachs.
  • Descriptions of being washed back and forth like the waves in the ocean;
  • Dancing about like drunk…
  • Inappropriate yelling and screaming like they’re at a football game;
  • Young men whistling over and over and holding their heads and claiming that they “feel the Holy Spirit about to split them in two”;
  • One young man’s back two teeth turned completely too some metalic finish
  • People with their eyes rolled in the back of their heads and weaving around like they’re lost.
  • Women just gyrating and pulsating like they’re being ravaged from behind from some unseen force.
  • Drunken uncontrollable laughter in the middle of a solemn prayer time.
  • People being “slain in the spirit”… BUT NOT just falling down – being unable to move (like something’s holding them down)…”

Other more severe symptoms: mental collapse, psychosis.

Long-time effects of Kundalini symptoms:

  • Not able to concentrate or focus
  • Electromagnatic field sensitivity (EI)
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
  • Not able to read the word
  • Not able to stay awake in church
  • Tormenting thoughts
  • Tormenting dreams
  • Sometimes a band around the head
  • Throat problems
  • Perception messed up
  • Feeling sex with demons
  • Fits of rage
  • Demonic possession
  • demonic oppression
  • and much more.
Visit Andrew  Strom‘s website.


by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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Traci Morin’s Healing Testimony – 13 diseases healed. My heart is to teach and see others recover themselves from the snares of the enemy especially from a broken heart that compromises the immune system fighting disease as well as how to get free from the clutches of the devil especially mind control, witchcraft curses, etc. I had a generational curse assignment of death on my life as well as an invisible force robbing me of my finances that activated every time I tried to get close to the Lord Jesus Christ