Prayers Against Satan (the Devil)

Spiritual Warfare Prayers – Prayer Against Witchcraft – deliverance from witchcraft prayer

Prayers Against Satan (the Devil) – Spiritual Warfare Prayers

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Satan, the Lord rebuke thee (Zech. 3:2).

Get thee hence, Satan, for it is written (Matt. 4:10).

Get behind me, Satan, for it is written (Luke 4:8).

I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven (Luke 10:18).

I loose myself from every bond of Satan in the name of Jesus (Luke 13:16).

Lord, bruise Satan under my feet (Rom. 16:20).

I bind and rebuke all hindering spirits of Satan in the name of Jesus (1 Th ess. 2:18).

I renounce all ungodly anger, and I give no place to the devil (Eph. 4:27).

I pray to overcome any sift ing that Satan would try to bring into my life (Luke 22:31).

I am delivered from the power of Satan unto God (Acts 26:18).

I bind the thief from stealing, killing, or destroying in my life (John 10:10).

Lord, remove Satan’s seat from my region, city, and nation (Rev. 2:13).

Lord, remove every synagogue of Satan fron my city, region, and nation (Rev. 3:9).

I bind and rebuke all wrath of the devil directed against my life (Rev. 12:12).

Devil, I resist you. Flee (James 4:7).

I am sober and vigilant against my adversary, the devil (1 Pet. 5:8).

Rebuking the Enemy

Satan, the Lord rebukes thee (Zech. 3:2).

Let the enemy perish at Your rebuke, O Lord (Ps. 80:16).

Let the enemy fl ee at Your rebuke, O Lord (Ps. 104:7).

I rebuke all the winds and storms of the enemy sent against my life (Mark 4:39).

Rebuke the company of the spearmen and the multitude of the bulls until they submit (Ps. 68:30).

Rebuke those that rush at me, and let them fl ee away (Isa. 17:13).

Rebuke the devourer for my sake (Mal. 3:11).

Rebuke the horse and chariot, and let them fall into a deep sleep (Ps. 76:6).

I rebuke every unclean spirit that would attempt to operate in my life (Luke 9:42).

rebuke the proud spirits that are cursed (Ps. 119:21).

I release furious rebukes upon the enemy (Ezek. 25:17).

Let the blast of your nostrils rebuke the enemy (2 Sam. 22:16).

Rebuke the enemy with fl ames of fi re (Isa. 66:15).

Let a thousand fl ee at my rebuke, O Lord (Isa. 30:17).

Rebuke every sea that would try to close upon my life (Ps. 106:9).

Devil, I rebuke you. Hold your peace, and come out (Mark 1:25).

Prayers Writen by John Eckhardt

by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

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